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Transportation » School Bus Rules and Regulations

School Bus Rules and Regulations

  1. Observe same conduct as in the classroom.
  2. Be courteous; use no profane  language.
  3. Use of tobacco and/or controlled substance on the bus will not be allowed.
  4. Keep the bus clean.
  5. Cooperate with the driver.
  6. Do not damage bus or equipment.
  7. Stay in your seat.
  8. Keep head, hands, and feet inside bus.
  9. Do not fight, hit, push, shove, or trip on the bus.
  10. Do not bring animals on the bus.
  11. Do not bring flammable or glass materials on the bus.
  12. Do not throw objects while on the bus.
  13. Water guns or vessels containing liquid will not be allowed on the bus.
  14. Conversations between students may be carried on in Norman voice tones only.  Shouting, screaming, and other loud noises on the part of the student will no be tolerated.
  15. The use of cosmetics, hair spray, nail polish, make up, etc. is prohibited.
  16. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
  17. Disciplinary action will be taken if you fail to sit where directed by the bus driver or fail to cooperate with the bus driver or fail to board the bus to which you are assigned.
  18. All school buses in the Punxsutawney Area School District may be equipped with video cameras for recording both the audio and video portions of the school bus ride to and from school.  Students are reminded that their conversations and behavior may be recorded and any disciplinary decisions may be based on the audio and video camera review.