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Transportation » Rules for Alternative Bus Riding Privileges

Rules for Alternative Bus Riding Privileges


1. If a parent / guardian desires to have a student either ride another bus or

     egress from a bus at a stop other than the one initially assigned, the following

     procedures will be utilized:

     a.  All “daily passes” are issued for single events.

     b. Requests for daily passes should be written to include the reason for

          request, bus number, stop location, student name and dated and signed by

          the parent / guardian.   These requests must be made in writing by 9:30

          a.m. on the day the request is for.

     c. Requests should be presented to the principal or head teacher. A pass will

          be issued for presentation to the bus driver denoting the requested change.  

          The stop must already be a designated stop.

    d.   Requests from the parent / guardian should be initiated by the principal or

          head teacher and sent to the Transportation Director, monthly.


2. After consulting with the Transportation Director, the principal or head teacher

     may grant exceptions to this procedure in extenuating circumstances.