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Punxsutawney Area School Board Members (front, from left): James P. Wehrle (deceased), Dr. Kyle Lingenfelter (Board President), Penny Pifer (Board Vice President), Deneen Evans.  (back, from left): Dr. Thomas A. Lesniewski, Punxsutawney Area School District Superintendent, Cindy Depp-Hutchinson, George M. Powers, Melissa Snyder, Susan H. Robertson (Board Secretary), Jim Baun, Dave Young (Solicitor); (Not pictured: Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister)  
Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister
Wards 5 and 6
Member    Deneen Evans Bell and Gaskill Townships 938-4260
Member George Powers       Oliver and Ringgold Township, Timblin and Worthville  939-2672
Member James Baun Banks and Canoe Townships 938-2450
President Dr. Kyle Lingenfelter McCalmont and Young Townships 938-2333
Member Elaine Muto Wards 1 and 4 938-6870
Vice President    Penny Pifer Henderson Township and Big Run 427-4044
Member Melissa Snyder North Mahoning, Perry and Porter Townships 938-2880
Member Cindy Depp-Hutchinson Wards 2 and 3  939-7414
Secretary Susan Robertson    
Solicitor David L. Young, Esq.    
If you would like to contact our board members via e-mail, they can be reached using the following addresses:

Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister:

Deneen Evans:

George Powers:

James Baun:

Dr. Kyle Lingenfelter:

Elaine Muto:

Penny Pifer:

Melissa Snyder:

Cindy Depp-Hutchinson: