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What is a 504 Service Plan?


A Service Plan falls under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This is the part of the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against public school students with disabilities. That includes students with learning and attention issues who meet certain criteria.  The law and its regulations require public educational agencies to ensure that these students have equal opportunity to participate in the school program and extra curricular activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the ability of the protected handicapped student in question.  School districts are required to provide these students with the aids, services and accommodations that are designed to meet the educational needs of protected handicapped students as adequately as the needs of non-handicapped students are met.  

Much like an IEP, a 504 plan can help students with learning and attention issues learn and participate in the general education curriculum. A 504 plan outlines how a child’s specific needs are met with accommodations and other services. These measures “remove barriers” to learning.

Keep in mind that a student with a 504 plan usually spends the entire school day in a general education classroom. And typically, children who need modifications would have an IEP, not a 504 plan.