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PA Has Your Back

Pennsylvania Has Your Back: A Message from the PA Department of Education
PA Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera recently shared a video that highlights the PA Department of Education's commitment to improving school climate; the video reminds everyone that "Pennsylvania Has Your Back."  According to Secretary Rivera, the video was released by Governor Tom Wolf's Office and is "aimed at reassuring everyone in our school communities that regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, or religion, everyone has the right to be treated fairly and feel safe. Producing the video was a multiagency effort that the Department of Education was proud to participate in, and is proud to share with our larger community. #PAHasYourBack has already been picked up by several media outlets, and spread widely across social media." 
You can view this video message below; if you are unable to stream it directly here for any reason, you can also click on the link below and you will be redirected to YouTube.  (Please disregard any advertisements, additional video links, etc. not associated with PA Department of Ed or the Punxsutawney Area School District.)