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Cyber Services Help

Overview of Student Registration Process

Punxsutawney eAcademy students register through the assistant principal at the high school.


Online Courses are Available from the following:

1.     eAcademy-made up of the courses Punxsutawney School District teachers have created in Canvas

2.     Advanced Academics

3.     Lincoln Interactive

Currently in charge:

Mr. Paul Hetrick

814-938-5151ext 1855



Assistant principal's duties include:

      Explaining what cyber school is & if cyber school is the right fit for the student

      Signing student up for the appropriate courses

      Completing the registration form

      Submitting the proper paperwork to the online course provider

      Collecting & sending IEPs as needed

      Contacting all teachers involved-course teacher, special teacher, cyber school coordinator

      Collecting &distributing materials to the students such as laptops, printers, scanners, and textbooks

      Making sure that students sign off properly when materials are returned




Overview of the Cyber Co-coordinator’s Duties

Once a student is registered to cyber school, the cyber school coordinator is responsible for the following the day-to-day operations of eAcademy.

Cyber school Coordinator duties include:

      Communicating with students and parents as to how to receive help via email or phone.

      Giving technology support for students enrolled in Punxsutawney eAcademy courses.

      Providing support for students by setting up times for students to come to the school building and work with a designated subject teacher or special education teacher.

      Provide support to teachers creating courses and teaching using Moodle.

      Check daily attendance and submit a weekly report to the guidance office secretary.

      Report grades each 9 weeks to the guidance office for all cyber school students (no access at this time).

      Collect materials from cyber students at the end of the course.

Guidelines for Communication

with Students, Guidance & Cyber Coordinator


1.Cyber students are directed to first try to contact the subject teacher with problems related to the course (content questions, assignment issues, or problems with directions).


2.Cyber teachers should direct students to contact the cyber coordinator for help with technical issues.


3. The help session can be set up by the Cyber Co-coordinator if a teacher needs to help a student in person. Teachers should direct students to contact the Cyber Co-coordinator to arrange appointments.


4.Cyber teachers should email the Cyber Co-coordinator with any concerns about progress and grades. The Cyber Co-coordinator will contact the parents and “cc”the teacher when a contact is made.


Guidelines for Setting Up

Help for Students with a Subject Teacher

1.   Student and/or parent should email or call the cyber coordinator to discuss the need of the student.


2.   The cyber coordinator will determine a time and location for the student to come into the building to receive help from the teacher or teachers. 

3.   eAcademy teachers who are scheduled to help students during their eAcademy period should log the time spent with the student and for what course the teacher offered assistance.