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Managing Allergies & Anaphylaxis At School

It is every PASD staff member's responsibility to be aware of signs and symptoms related to a severe allergic reaction and actions required to prevent serious complications.
1. View the slideshow presentation
2. Watch the short video demonstration
3. Fill out the "confirmation of completion" form by clicking the link below:
Anaphylaxis Presentation
The PowerPoint (viewable by clicking on the link below) will explain the procedure for identifying an allergic reaction and administration of an EpiPen (scroll through the slides at your own pace by clicking on the arrow or the slide to advance the presentation). You can access the Power Point here: Anaphylaxis Inservice
EpiPen Video How-to
The video below should be viewed to watch a demonstration of the administration of an EpiPen. (It is being streamed to your laptop from YouTube. Please disregard any video links that may come up after the video is over.)