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Golf (Boys) » 2022 Boys Golf Rules

2022 Boys Golf Rules

2022 Boys Golf


For the tryout tournament, all USGA rules and PCC local rules apply. Each player must carry his own bag, unless there are enough pushcarts for everyone.  As with any golf tournament, participants are expected to know the rules and abide by them at all times.  Please keep Rules 1-3 “Agreement to Waive Rules” and 34-1b “Claims and Penalties, Stroke Play” in mind.  If you see another player violate a Rule of Golf, you must notify the coach, your marker, and/or other players as soon as possible and you absolutely must notify the coach before the results of the tournament have been posted.  As the Rules of Golf state, “a penalty must not be rescinded, modified or imposed after the competition has closed. A competition is closed when the result has been officially announced.”  Therefore, any complaints of violations of rules will not be entertained after the tournament has closed.  You must play in each day of the qualifier to make the team. The only exception will be if you are playing in a stroke play tournament at another golf course.  The coach must approve the tournament.  Once again, this tournament will only occur if the coach or the Country Club decides the team is too large.

Before the season begins, players new to the team are required to familiarize themselves with the Rules of Golf. Each member should spend a significant amount of time learning the rules over the summer. Use the USGA website videos to learn the rules. Please be aware of the new rules for 2021. Cheating in practice and matches will not be tolerated and may include a suspension or dismissal from the team.

       Once the team is determined, the scores from practice and competition rounds will be kept throughout the season and used to determine the competing teams for each competition.  The varsity squad is officially determined by coach’s choice.  However, the players with the lowest scoring averages from the last week’s rounds will usually represent the team at varsity matches. The junior varsity squad will be determined by coach’s choice, usually on a somewhat rotating schedule. (Teams rarely field JV squads). Any player disqualified during a match will receive a score of 10 strokes higher than their highest score for the year.  The players who play in any non-regular season tournament events (Bavarian Hills & Bradford Invitationals) and represent the high school at districts and league championships will be determined by coach’s choice. 

       The policy for lettering will be based on the average scores of all the varsity players we face throughout the year in tournament play. Any player having a tournament scoring average for the year below the average score of our varsity competition, and has participated in over 50% of the varsity matches will receive a letter.  All regular season varsity matches will count.  The coach will determine if other tournament scores will count. 

       Players must comply with the team dress code.  If shorts are worn, they must be Bermuda (walking) shorts of sufficient length, and there will be no jeans permitted.  For practice, players must wear a collared shirt, or mock turtleneck and have it tucked in at all times.  If a hat is worn, it must not be sideways or backwards. During competitions, all players must wear the team uniform and pants or shorts of appropriate length—oversized, “baggy,” or cargo, or cut off shorts will not be permitted.  A belt is highly recommended.

       Improper conduct on the golf course will be punishable by possible suspension from tournament play or dismissal from the team. This conduct would include vulgar language, abuse of equipment, abuse of the golf course, a gross or chronic breach of etiquette, physical or verbal abuse of another teammate, or any act that could bring disrespect to the PAHS golf team.  Cell phones must be turned off and not used during a match, and they must be silent during practice.  If you have an emergency situation where you may need to use your cell phone, please inform the coach.  No ear buds or listening devices are permitted on the course, as this could lead to a safety issue.  Punishment for any infraction will be left to the discretion of the coach.  Improper conduct off the golf course will also not be permitted.  Any use of social media to gossip, harass, intimidate, or irritate another athlete, student, team, or teammate will absolutely not be tolerated and you will be dismissed from the team. Be careful of what you tweet or post online. Any social media posts relating to illegal activity (alcohol or drugs) could also result in dismissal. Please read the athlete drug and alcohol policy.

       Attendance at practice and competitions is mandatory. Any person missing a practice must have a serious and valid excuse that is explained to the coach in person as soon as possible.  Absenteeism and tardiness to practice and/or competitions may result in punishment or dismissal from the team and impact match playing time.

       The team captains for the season will be determined the first week of the season.  The captain will be a link between the coach and the rest of the team and will be expected to assist the coach when needed.  The coach will decide on MVP after the district meet.  The choice will be based on the players’ contributions to the team such as:  performance in competition, conduct while attending golf functions, and support of fellow teammates. The coach reserves the right to alter or amend these rules at any point throughout the year.