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Motor Skills


Information for Parents: Motor Skills

School age children most often have smooth and strong motor skills; however, coordination (especially eye-hand), endurance, balance, and physical abilities will vary from student to student.  If you have any concerns in regard to your child's fine or gross motor skills, please review the resources below for additional practice skills and information!

Gross Motor Skills vs. Fine Motor Skills: Whatʼs the difference?

Watch the video below to learn more about the differences between gross motor skills and fine motor skills.  You'll also be introduced to ways that you can improve these skills.

Improving your child's fine motor and gross motor skills

In the video below, you'll learn about some helpful (and fun) ways that you can work with your child to improve their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
14 Ways to Help Older Kids Build Motor Skills
Click on the link below to read a helpful article that lists ways you can help older children improve their fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
Submitted by: Mrs. Kate Shaffer, Director of Special Education