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PASD Comprehensive Plan

The public is invited to review the PASD Comprehensive Plan.  You can download a copy by clicking on the following file/link:

PASD Comprehensive Plan

Mission Statement

Punxsutawney Area School District Mission Statement

The mission of the Punxsutawney Area School District is to prepare students to become productive members of society, enabling them to acquire the knowledge, social skills, and attitudes necessary for success.


Vision Statement

Punxsutawney Area School District Vision Statement

The Punxsutawney Area School District will be a premiere educational system.  Educating our students will  be our prime focus by ensuring they will be lifelong learners  able to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly diverse world.


Shared Values

Punxsutawney Area School District Shared Values

We believe:

  • All students can learn.
  • A nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment promotes learning.
  • Learning is an interactive process.
  • Technology enhances learning.
  • Respectful, positive, and collaborative relationships are essential for learning.
  • Student growth is related to the quality of instruction provided by the teacher.
  • Student effort, family support, and high expectations promote student achievement.


Goal #1: Establish a district system that fully ensures consistent implementation of a standards aligned system to ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn.

Goal #2: Establish a district system that fully ensures students who are academically at risk are identified early and are supported by a process that provides interventions based upon student needs and includes procedures for monitoring effectiveness.