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Administrative Staff

Name Title Contact
Dr. Thomas Lesniewski Superintendent 938-5151 x5001
Susan Robertson Business Administrator 938-5151 x5005
Richard Britten Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction 938-5151 x5007
Robin Ishman Assistant Business Administrator 938-5151 x5011
Cheryl Repik Transportation Director 938-5151 x5008
Jeff Long High School Principal 938-5151 x1000
Paul Hetrick High School Assistant Principal 938-5151 x1502
Randy Reitz Athletic Director 938-5151 x1551
Steve White Assistant Athletic Director 938-5151 x1552
Carmen Gett Maintenance Supervisor 938-5151 x6750
Travis Monroe Middle School Principal 938-5151 x2501
Mike Guidice Middle School Assistant Principal 938-5151 x2000
Sharon M. Weber Elementary Principal 938-5119
Gerald G. Gigliotti Director of Instructional Technology, Technology Coordinator 938-5151 x6531
Kate Shaffer Director of Special Education 938-5151 x6520
Natalie Enslen Supervisor of Special Education 938-5151 x6520
Erika Olson Office of Pupil Personnel Services - School Psychologist 938-5151 x6510