Tech Camp
Welcome to the informational site for PASD Tech Camp 2012 Resources. Please feel free to explore and use our materials even if you did not attend Tech Camp.
Tech Camp coordinators are Mrs. Melissa Fedigan, instructional technology coach for K-12 and English teacher, and Mr. Matt Curry, English teacher and Webmaster for PHS. Any questions should be directed to these two individuals.
Contact Info:
Melissa Fedigan
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext 1216
Matt Curry
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext 1228
Other trainers throughout Tech Camp may also be contacted as follows:
Lisa Keller
phone: (814) 938-5118 (Longview)
Jeff Kuntz
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext. 2228 (Middle School)
Louise Maine
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext. 1233 (High School)
Debbie Sherry, HS Librarian
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext. 1590 (High School)
John Snyder
phone: (814) 938-5151 ext. 2212 (Middle School)
Important Info:
*Bring your charged laptop or iPad. You may want to bring your charger, too.

*For sessions that allow work time, you may want to bring curriculum resources to refer to as needed.
Teacher Form for reimbursement:
Trainer Form: