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Superintendent Goals for 2016-2017 School Year
Dr. Thomas A. Lesniewski
Board approved on November 14, 2016

Goal 1

Student Growth / Achievement

·  To work with principals and department directors / supervisors to develop building goals to increase student achievement on state tests and local assessments.

 Goal 2

Organizational Leadership

·  To be as visible as possible in my role as superintendent within the organization and community. 

·   I will visit all classrooms in the district to enable staff and students to be able to get to understand my leadership priorities.  I will conduct a minimum of 2 classroom observations in each elementary building and four classroom observations in each secondary building. 

·   Will also attend after school activities at a rate of two per week.

 Goal 3

District Operations and Financial Management

·   To work directly with the business manager to monitor current budget and to create the 17-18 budget.

·   Will lead the district through the upcoming stadium project. 

·   Will lead the data collection process for the upcoming school consolidation process (March 29, 2017 process deadline).     

 Goal 4

Communication and Community Relations

·   Will conduct a review of current electronic communication processes used in the district that will include the district website, student management system and current social media outlets. 

 Goal 5

Human Resources Management

·   Will set up an organizational meeting structure to meet with all district operational directors on a monthly basis.

·   Will review all building’s student master schedules to make sure staff is fully utilized.

·   Will review job duties of the Assistant Business Manager to determine her best role in Human Resource Management. 

 Goal 6


·   Will build appropriate school community trust via appropriate actions and communication processes.

·   Will complete PASA’s three-part New Superintendent’s Academy. 

Last Modified on November 15, 2016