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Notice to Parents, Students, and the General Public

Educational institutions may not discriminate against individuals or groups because of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, marital status, non-relevant handicaps or disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans or any other protected class of individuals as per federal government directive law. No person shall on the basis of the foregoing be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefit of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs, activity, or employment. The educational institution"s commitment to non-discrimination extends to students, employees, prospective employees and the community in accordance with state and federal laws including Title IX and Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Contact your school"s Title IX coordinator for questions regarding sex discrimination, your school"s Section 504 coordinator for information on civil rights for the physically or mentally handicapped, and your high school office pertaining to vocational training programs.

Jeff Tech

576 Vo-Tech Road, Reynoldsville, 15851


Title 9: Melissa Mowrey

Title 6: Melissa Mowrey

Section 504: Melissa Mowrey

Vocational Training Program: Meliss Mowrey

DuBois Area

500 Liberty Blvd., DuBois 15801


Title 9: Edd Brady

Title 6: Edd Brady

Section 504: Robert Kriner

Vocational Training Program:

Brockway Area

95 North St., Brockway 15865


Title 9: Laurie Piccirillo

Title 6: Laurie Piccirillo

Section 504: Jesse Zameroski

Punxsutawney Area

475 Beyer Ave., Punxsutawney, 15767


Title 9: Kate Shaffer

Title 6: Kate Shaffer

Section 504: Kate Shaffer

Vocational Training Program: 

Riverview Intermediate Unit

270 Mayfield Road, Clarion 16214


Title 9: Matthew LaVerde

Title 6: Matthew LaVerde

Section 504: Mary Anne Jordan

Vocational Training Program:

Brookville Area

265 Barnett St., Brookeville 15825


Title 9: Dr. Erich May

Title 6: Dr. Erich May

Section 504: Dr. Erich May

Homeless Children Have the Right to a Free, Appropriate Public Education

Who is considered homeless?

Children or youth and their families living in a shelter, transitional housing, motel vehicle, campground, on the street, or double up with relatives or friends, due to a lack of housing--they are considered to be homeless.

Where can you call for assistance?

The Homeless Children"s Initiative exists to help homeless children with a variety of services and can assist homeless children during this time of change and stress. If you are homeless with school-aged children, please call Carolan Bailey, local school district Homeless Liaison, at 938-5151, Ext. 5009 for more information.