General Resources:

Shmoop Many, many resources in here! Covers many eras in history and civics
Humanities Interactive exhibits, games, lessons +
History Channel
History Net
Calisphere collection of primary source material
Smithsonian History Explorer collection of lesson plans, interactives, activities, media, and links
Library of Congress memory collection -- resources by theme
Library of Congress HOME homepage of the Library of Congress
Free Fed Federal Resources for Education
NCSS National Council for Social Studies
PBS a host of media material
On This Day
Digital History collection of resources for history
Historical Anniversaries every date with loads of events
National Geographic lesson plans, resources, activities
Historical Speeches 50 of the most memorable speeches delivered in the age of recording
TED Talks for Soc. St. Teachers a collection of approx. 30 TED talks that are geared toward various areas of social studies - speakers include Sir Ken Robinson, Jared Diamond, Chris Lehmann, Diana Laufenberg, etc.

Primary Source:

Eyewitness to History host to various eras of history through primary sources
Reasons for Westward Expansion From the National Achieves (a primary source activity)


David Rumsey's Historical Maps
Atlapedia full color physical and political maps plus statistics and key facts
Map Me
Mapping Worlds map of the World and the U.S. changes based on demographics (population, education, employment, environment, etc.)
Worldwide Panorama Click on the map to see an interactive close-up of the area
Maps of War maps of war, imperialism, terrorism, and religion
UUorld see the world through statistics
World Navigator Interactive World atlas and links
History Animated animated battle maps from American Revolution, Civil War, and WWII (Pacific Theatre).
Flash Earth explore satellite images of the Earth from NASA
Earth Album interactive map coupled with Flickr - click on any place in the world and see the latest Flickr images posted regarding that place.
Earth Observatory NASA's images of the Earth.

Timeline Generators:


U.S. History:

America on the Move collection of resources about the development of transportation in the U.S.
Living Room Candidate archived video footage from 1952-present of presidential candidates
Archives Resources A host of resources from the National Archives, Dave Rosenbaum is the education specialist and will do free videoconferences - possibly by special request if given some notice.
Archives a wealth of primary source material
Historical Thinking Matters focused on significant events in U.S. History through primary source and historical narratives
HippoCampus US History Podcasts for every era in US History
Best sites for WWII
Norton's Googlearth for the Eras
JFK Library A wealth of resources for JFK's bio. and administration. Interactive.

World/European History:

Best Sites for WWII
Centropa Holocaust Resources

Social Science:

HippoCampus Psychology a host of podcasts on Pshychology
Colours in Cultures graphic that demonstrates what various colors mean in various cultures




Open Congress see all the up to date information about the current session of Congress
Track This Now track any news topic around the world and read the headlines about it. Varied perspectives.
Leg Sim legislative simulations
Our Courts lesson plans, simulations, games for justice system, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.
HippoCampus American Government podcasts on a whole range of American Government topics
Supreme Court Cases tons of SC cases - synopsis, decisions, authors, members of SC
Newseum click on a region of the world and get the front pages of their newspapers
Virtual Congress online, interactive -- cool!
Founders Quiz take a quiz to see what Founder you most resemble
10 Technology Integration Ideas for Government a blog post from "The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness"


Econedlink economics resources and lessons

Human Rights/Current Events:

News Map Incredibly graphic way to see the news - with links/videos/articles a click away.
Darfur is Dying game, take action, background, translating genocide
Games for Change "real world games, real world impact"


Interactive World Atlas
CIA Factbook

List of Additional Resources:

Curricular Resources Many more links and resources
Kathy Schrock's Page

Misc Elementary/Middle School Sites
(may good ones to use with the Interactive Whiteboard)

Maps with clues
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
US Map practice How well do you know the US?
People and Places - National Geographic
You are the Historian - Investigating the First Thanksgiving
Constitution Day - lesson plans for K-12 from the Center for Civic Education
Constitution Day lesson plans for K-12 from Constitutional Rights Foundation
GeoNet - Houghton Mifflin
Many Social Studies resources
Interactive Curriculum Sites Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science
50 US states - How well do you know where they are?
National Geographic for Kids
Maryland Kids' Pages
Time For Kids
Treasure Hunts Science and Social Studies; created by EDUC318 2004 [Dr. Royer's class at SU]
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